Be kind! Don't Cyberbully

Miss Porter's 4th grade class

No bullies allowed in this class!

Here in Miss Porter's 4th grade class, we are strongly against bullying. We stand for fairness, trustworthiness, and caring and bullies are none of those things. Each day we do different activities or read a certain article about the effects of cyber bullying. If you are interested in looking at an article that we have recently read, click this link!!

Questions to ask yourself if you think you are being cyber bullied

Am I Being bullied?

  • I have received mean or threatening e-mail messages, text messages, or instant messages.
  • Someone has posted mean or hurtful things about me online.
  • Someone has forwarded my e-mails or text messages to another person without my permission.
  • Someone has altered a picture of me online.
  • Someone has taken pictures of me without my permission and posted them online.
  • Someone has stolen my password and is sending messages or posting things and pretending to be me.
  • Someone is excluding me from an online group. Someone has started an offensive blog about me.

Watch this powerful video and how it impacts the life of this ordinary person


Another great cyberbullying video

Think Time: How Does Cyberbullying Affect You?

We strive to be a bully-free class!!