Jean Piaget

The Swede Who Enjoyed Education... Alot

Piaget's Theory

What Piaget focused a lot on in his career was children. He believed that they were capable of anything that they were taught and aloud to do. Piaget identified children in 4 stages. Studies helped him conclude that children really do think differently, this was proven in the early 1900s, a major breakthrough in early child development.

Personal Life

Born in Switzerland, Piaget was the eldest son of Arthur Piaget, a famous swede professor of Medieval Literature. He had a fascination with zoology at a young age, having published several papers on mollusks by age 15. He eventually moved to Paris, France and helped Arthur Binet in his studies of children, having already published several works on psychology. In 1923 He married Valentine Chatenay and had three children.

Piaget's Life, From Womb to Tomb