Blue Jeans

The pants of the future!

who wears Blue Jeans?

Anyone, can wear blue jeans! They is the perfect comfortable and affordable outfit for any job or occasion you may have. You can now enjoy looking stylish and staying comfortable at the same time!

What are Blue jeans?

Blue jeans are the strongest pants ever created! They are not only stronger than your ripped cotton pants but they're also way more comfortable! They are like full-length trousers, but so much better!

Why our blue jeans are better!

Our blue jeans are stronger than regular pants. This is because our secret ingredient, denim, is way stronger than wool. So next time don't worry about your pants ripping and focus on getting work done.

When should you wear our jeans?

When you need a comfy pair of pants that, unlike most pants, won't rip! They are great to wear to work, the fields, the factory, at home or anywhere!

When and where were our blue jeans created?

Saturday, May 20th 1871 at 9am

250 Valencia Street in San Francisco

We invented the first blue jeans in 1871, but it wasn't till 1873 that we got a patent.


Blue Jeans were invented in 1871 by Jacob W. Davis, but he didn’t have enough money to pay for a patent. So, Levi Strauss gave him the money he needed, and together they formed a business called Levi Strauss & Co. Blue jeans were marketed to working men, but over time woman started to like the comfortable pants and decided to also wear them. The reason why they became so popular was because they were made from denim. This made them stronger than the average cotton pants.

Jobs were already tough enough, and getting a rip in your pants just made for more frustration. The blue jeans made it easier to do hard things, and not have to worry about your clothes. They were used to show that you had high class or that you were wealthy at first, but over time they became affordable to the poor. Nowadays jeans are a fashion item. Almost everyone in the world owns at least one pair of jeans. They are one of the few types of clothes that are still popular from the 1800s, because they were able to change based on what was in style at that time.

I chose the persuasive technique of compare and contrast, tho I did use a little bandwagon when explaining about who can use the product. I thought this would be a good idea because the jeans basically changed the types of pants we wear. They took the old weak jeans and transformed them into something something so much stronger and better! So, why wouldn’t I brag about how much better the pants were than the other brands?