Do something. Stop bullying.

What is bullying?

One thing to know when it comes to bullying is that there is a distinct difference between joking around or poking fun and repeatedly directing hurtful comments or actions toward someone else. When you are joking around with someone, it can come from sarcasm or other playful, non-serious manners. Usually when there is a “joke” between two people, it is something that both sides of the relationship find funny or humorous. With that being said, when someone’s words or actions are meant to hurt or embarrass someone else physically and/or emotionally, that is what I consider to be bullying. Furthermore, bullying is very common when these types of hurtful actions/comments are repeated to constantly put the victim down and feel bad about themselves.

Why is it a major issue?

The current status of this issue is that it is still a pretty big problem in our world, especially in the United States. Bullying is an issue that especially bothers me because it is something that is completely avoidable. Another reason I felt that it was even more important after looking through the list was the fact that some of the other issues listed can be caused as a result of bullying. Among these are teen suicide and a loss of morals/values.