night of the twister

By Ivy Ruckman

if you want a good book then read this book.
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1 problem and solution in the story was when Dan and arthur get caught in their basement and then Stacey saved them.

The 2nd problem and solution was when arthur and Dan lost there mom and dad but then Dan's mom comes and there both happy.


The setting was in grand island Nebraska the state capital is licon and a major river is Platte river and there famous for corn,milk and beef.

summery of the book.

In the begging Dan got a bike. Dan also won a bike race. Dan also went to the beach and went swimming. Arthur went to Dan house and ate there.

In the middle of the book. Dan and arthur got caught in a twister . There house got destroyed in a twister. Dan got seperaded from his family. Dan also found his mom and dad.

At the end of the book Dan and Arthur find there family and Mrs smiley died.