The Lady Who Changed Me

Tinaiya Farmer

The Excitement That Had Taken Over Me

Sunday morning my mom had just signed us up to start working with the homeless every

Monday night. I was really excited to go and experience something like that because I know what it felt like to be in that type of situation, not having anywhere to go, no food to eat, and nowhere to sleep. I couldn’t focus that day in school, and the excitement had taken over me.

Her Story

She was telling me how she was living decently and had a nice house, nice car, and a very good job. She started explaining how one night she decided to go out with her friends and wanted try something new because her best friend was so she did. She really liked and used it another time. One time became 2 then 3 then 4 until she became a drug addict. She lost her house, her job, and her car and went to living on the streets begging for money and food. She told me how if she could take it all back she would and she wouldn’t be there that day.

Runnig Through My Mind!!!!!

I went home that day thinking of how bad she had it and said to myself “and I thought I had it rough.” Tuesday once again I couldn't focus; all I could think about was the things she told me and how bad things were getting on the streets. That day on she really inspired me to never take life for granite and that you should be grateful to have a house, or some shoes to wear, or close and food to put on your back because there are people who can't afford to buy things like that and would certainly be glad to take your place. She taught me to be grateful for everything you have. She made me think of ways that I could go out and do more than what I'm doing now and help make a bigger difference.


Just you alone can do a lot in the world!