Nicola Tesla

The best inventor ever


Tesla was born in 1856, in Croatia. When he was petting his cat he got a shocked, that moment he decided to study electricity. He was fascinated by its link between magntizem. By the time he was a young man electricity was all around him, but he already had ideals for new things and improvements. In the 1800s he had a ideal for the first AC engine, but his ideal didn't go anywhere in Europe. So he moved to America

In America

He landed in new York, Where he worked for the most famous inventor Tomas Edison. At the time Edison developed the first power grid for electrifying entire cities, but they relied on DC power and they had low voltages which couldn't travel that far. Tesla planned on making AC power lines which could crank out 1000 volts that means there would be fewer power plants. Having the ideal he thought by making it more safe by cranking it down by transformers. Edison hated it, since he owned most of the patents for DC power disruption he'd lose money if cities switched to AC. So he quit working for Edison, but his ideal atracted a rich person named George westinghouse who wanted to build his the AC motor that Tesla had been dreaming for

The step of the AC

The AC motor was light years ahead of it's time and didn't require to touch anything unlike DC motors, also it was more safer then DC. After they used the the AC motor at the 1893s Chicagos world friar. At that moment AC and DC began their "war" against each other ended.

Continuation of Tesla

He took a series of test for wireless energy, He made something called a Tesla coil that could do that.