The Moon Bridge

By Marcia Savin


GET OUT OF THIS SCHOOL YOU JAP. NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE. LOOK AT HER CHINESE DOLL. SHES SO LAME. EWWWE SHE TOUCHED ME. stop stop it said ruthie you all need to stop it grow up will you. Ruthie was a average 5th grader that was best friends with Shirl. But one day they got a new student who was American but looked Chinese her name was Mitzi. She got picked on and picked on. One day shirl was making fun of Mitzi ruthie stuck up for her and lost her "BFF.." Mitzi and ruthie became the best of friends they always hung out but the bulling wouldn't stop. One day Mitzi had ruthie come to there house they hung out and where having a blast until they heard someone yelling at someone in the house. They went out of the bedroom and saw her dad and her uncle yelling at each other. Then all of a sudden they heard a big BANG....!!!!! They ran downstairs and a window was Broken. The next day Mitzi wasn't at school and the next day. Ruthie was curious she went to her house the next day and no one was there everyone in the japan town was gone. "Where they taken away." In the news paper it said they where gone taken to camps and will not return. Ruthie was scared upset and couldn't live without her. She said mail to her and got things back. She was glad to her from Mitzi but one day they stopped. What happend? Is she going to see her? Is she gone, gone forever?


I think the theme is that people should never lose hope. In my book Ruthie had a best friend that she lost she didn't know where she was or anything. Ruthie kept on sending mail to her until she answered. One day mitzi answered her and told her where she was. The next day she got taken away to a different camp. Ruthie still wrote everyday 1-3 pages to her. Ruthie really missed her,the mail kept on getting send back to her. Ruthie didn't lose hope she kept on writing until one day something happend where she didn't have to write anymore.

Internment camps

In 1942 and 1945 Japanese got taken away from where they had lived they had gotten everything taken away from them and never got it back. Things where destroyed. The Americans got mad at the Japanese because for what they did in Pearl Harbor. So the only way they felt in power was for them to take them to camps and be "locked up." Which was unreasonable because Americans also dropped the atomic bomb. "the camps were prison- like, with barbed wire borders and guards in watch- towers. Many people, not always family members, shared small living spaces and, again, public areas served internees’ personal needs.

Eventually, life in the camps settled into routines. Adults did what they could to make living quarters more accommodating. Schools were established for the educational needs of the young....."

Internment camps in the book

I think the author did a remarkable job making everything realistic as she could. Many things they had mentioned in the book like barbed wired every where and guards so they couldn't escape. I love this book and will always advise it to other kids....!!!!