Macbeth in Transformation

A journey of a man falling from grace

Act I

A soldier: For brave Macbeth well he deserves that name disdaining fortune, with his brandished steel, which smoked with bloody execution, like valor's minion carved out his passage till he faced the slave; Which nev'r shook hands, nor bade farewell to him, till he unseamed him from the nave to th' chops, and fixed his head upon our battlements

Act I Scene ii

A Man; O valiant cousin! Worthy gentleman!

Act I Scene iii

A Friend:My noble partner you greet with present grace and great prediction of noble having and of royal hope

Act I Scene iii

A Soldier; We coursed him at the heels, and had a purpose to be his purveyor: but he rides well, and his great love, sharp as his spur

Act I Scene vii

Act II

A Man;But wherefore could not pronounce "Amen"? I had most need of blessing, and "Amen" stuck in my throat

Act II Scene ii

A Man; I am afraid to think what I have done

Act II Scene ii

A Man; Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?

Act II scene iii

A Man; O, yet I do repent me of my fury, that I did kill them

Act II Scene iii


A Man; Tis better thee without than he within

Act III Scene iv

A man; When now I think you can behold such sights, and keep the natural ruby of your cheek, when mine is blanched with fear

Act III Scene iv

Act IV

A Man; Then live, Macduff. What need I fear of thee? But yet I’ll make assurance double sure, And take a bond of fate. Thou shalt not live, That I may tell pale-hearted fear it lies, And sleep in spite of thunder.

Act IV Scene i

A Man; Not in the legions Of horrid hell can come a devil more damned In evils to top Macbeth.

Act IV Scene iii

Act V

A Man; Now Macbeth feels the blood of his murdered enemies sticking to his hands.

Act V Scene ii

A Soldier; I’ll fight until they hack the flesh off my bones. Give me my armor.

Act V Scene iii