All About Me

And this is where it begins

My Name is Katrina,

I am 14 years old I was born in February. This Summer I mostly spent that time with family and friends, like we went to Kennywood the one day and it was awesome. I am from Seward (Western) Pennsylvania. My hobbies include playing basketball, hanging out with my friends, and playing Ps3. I really like to read, over the summer I have read many books. Some of the books that I have read would include The fault in our stars and The unwritten rule. This is my 4th year here at PALCS, What I really like about PALCS is that I'm able to work ahead on my work. (On a scale 1-10 how good are my tech skills?) I think that I'm really good when it comes to working on a computer. So I would say either a 9 or a 10 because I have been doing cyber school for awhile now and I got use to everything.

So thank you for reading this and learning a little bit about myself!