The new curling wand

New & improved wand that curls your hair for you!

sydnie martinez - 3rd period

This wand curls your hair for you for those days where you dont feel like doing it yourself. This wand comes with a timer so you can set how long it takes, it automatically turns off when it is not being used, and now comes with heat protection spray. You can also buy this wand in any color or design.

Extra things that come with the wand

you can buy this wand in the following stores:

  • Sally's Beauty Supply
  • Before and After
  • & any salon you go to for your hair

contact us!

if you would like to give us suggestions or see a bigger variety of wands visit us at

More about us

We started out just online, and as our wands got bigger and bigger more stores wanted to sell them. we are now in many stores across the USA. Many different celebrities have been using our wands like Taylor swift and even Selena Gomez!

Friday, June 7th, 8am

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, CO

Come visit us at our main shop in Colorado to try our wand and see if you like it! if you love it the wands will be on sale for only 15.99!