Cool Chloe Describes Class Yell

by Chloe Taylor

Pupils in Class Yell

Cassie Maher,   Joe Cates,  Kainat Hanif , Michael di Paola , Chloe Taylor 

Head girl + Head boy

Head girl = ChloeTaylor and Head boy = JoeCates

Pupil lntrests

Chloe: I like my muisc and I like to see my boyfriend Connor. I like my friends. I like to have sleep overs. I like to see my best best friends Cassie and I have girlie time will Kainat. Cassie: likes going to shops and painting nails. She like One D. She likes going the Glee club on a Monday. She likes to see Joe and she likes too see me too. Joe: Lion King, Harry Potter, Still Game. He likes to see his friends at the club on a Sunday.Kainat: One D. She likes going too Chavey Club and she likes going to shops with her friends on Saturday. She likes facebook  and skype. Michael: Good at helping. Likes to chat and Drums. Likes going out on a Sunday.


Miss Antelmi, Mrs Paterson, Mrs Mac Pherson, Mrs Rankin, Mrs Clarke. They are the best too me and I will miss my teacher Mrs MaPherson. She is the best  teacher on a Thursday and Mrs Antelmi  is the best teacher too. When I go to college I wil miss  miss Patterson. I have known her 3 years. :-(