Our Class News

September 25, 2014

This week

In language we've been learning about characters' actions and the setting of our stories. We used the story hand to retell the stories we read during read to self this week. We began bringing our baggy books home for homework. In phonics we are working on beginning sounds and the letters Dd & Xx. We learned the sight word the.

In math we practiced writing the numbers 0-5 and making up stories with the numbers. We have continued to count to 100 everyday with a variety of songs. We used mental math and explained our thinking during math meeting.

In science we created our science notebooks, ask your child to tell you about that. We took our scientist pictures with goggles and lab coats on.


Please have your child do things for him/herself at home as much as possible. They need to work on becoming as independent as a 5 year old can. I can teach your child to read and I can tie your child's shoes, but I can't do both at the same time! :) We also need to clean up after ourselves at breakfast, after activities, etc. We are working on being problem solvers as well and not seeking adult help for tiny problems we can fix ourselves. If you can work on these things at home it would save me valuable instructional time. Thanks so much!

Communication from School

You have some new options for receiving reminders from me and our campus.

We are using the remind text tool. This will allow me to quickly send a group text to everyone at once reminding of such things as picture day, etc. There is no option to reply and the numbers remain private. I will not send many, no more than 3-4 a month if that. I would like everyone to sign up if possible unless you have limited texts and feel hesitant.

To sign up text this code: @hoel14 to this number (512)270-7994

To sign up for the THJ campus reminders from Mrs. Haywood

text this code: @thj2 to this number (512)879-9421

Taylor also has a Facebook page now! Look for us and like our page!

Classroom 101 Night

I know many of you have other obligations that caused you to miss Tuesday night's informational meeting. I don't want you to miss out on the information. I have placed the powerpoint on my website (link below). Please let me know if you need me to print you copies of the slides. I am working on a way to talk through the powerpoint and record it so you can access it on youtube at your convenience.

Thanks a bunch to the families that came!


Conference time

1:10-1:55 available everyday except Wednesday

Learning Extension

I have included videos that reinforce what we are learning in class for you to share with your precious ones. :)
Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes, PhotoStory

Lily's Purple Plastic Purse

This was one of the stories we read this week. Here are some of the questions we discussed:

Should Lily have brought the purse to school? Why/ why not?

What should she have done when Mr. Slinger asked her to put it away?

If you had some advice for Lily what would it be?

Do you think Mr.Slinger was being mean?

We've been having trouble with kiddos bringing things to school and not obeying when told to put them away too. I can definitely relate to Mr. Slinger. :)

Let's Get Fit | Counting to 100 by 1's | Kids Songs | Jack Hartmann
Letter D Song
Letter X Song
The Song