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Checking out books, open library, and more (September, 2015)

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Online Library Catalog

Welcome Back! Our library is stocked with awesome books to read aloud to students and support your curriculum. Feel free to come in and browse any time. You can also search for books online by going here:


Get the books either by:

  • coming in the library.
  • emailing me the list of books and I will deliver to you.

What happens if I'm not there and you need a book?

  • You can either take the books and leave a note with your name and a list of books you took.
  • Or, you can leave the books on my desk with your name and I can check them out and deliver them to you (if you don't need them right away).

Open Library & Laptop Cart Calendars

To see open library slots and the laptop cart schedule, go to your Google Calendar and you should see "Open Library", "Laptop Cart 1" and "Laptop Cart 2" calendars that I have shared with you. If you don't see them, let me know. There is also a print version of the Open Library slots on my desk above the book return.

If you want to reserve a slot for either open library or laptop computers, email me, tell me in person, or leave me a note and I will add it to the calendar.

Teacher Research Resources and More....

There are a ton of great resources out there for students and teachers for researching topics. I have a list on our library website plus some other links to lesson ideas, Lexile levile book finder, rubric creator, and more. Check them out here >>

Coming Next Month.....How to Check Out eBooks!