Why humans should get involved in ecosystem changes.

What is an ecosystem?

By this point you're probably wondering what an ecosystem is. An ecosystem An ecosystem is a community of living organisms called producers, consumers, and decomposers. Also, in an ecosystem each organism has its own role to play. Some examples of ecosystems are swamp, taiga, forest, tundra, and plains.

How could humans effect wetlands?

So for his project were doing a swamp. Humans have impacted swamps by introducing non-native plants. The sad part about it is that we as humans depend on the fish and water that The swamps clear out the more chances of the animals of the biome. Wetlands are constantly adjusting to disturbances occurring within them and within the Other human activities which can have lasting effects on wetland. Most ways we affect wetlands are negative but some involve the reconstruction of wetlands.

Organisms in our ecosystem.

Some kinds of organisms that live in wetlands are, Invertebrates they live all or part of their lives under water, such as mosquitoes and dragonflies. Amphibians, such as frogs, that breed, feed and hide from the hard winter weather in the water. Reptiles, such as water snakes, that feed on the many other animals that make wetlands their home. Mammals, such as muskrats, that feed on wetland plants and use them to build a home for sheltering their young.
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