Do We Need Guns?

By: Alex Brendlinger

Imagine that you just got robbed for the third time now. And so you think it's a good idea to purchase a handgun for self defense. But you can not because you live in Chicago. This has happen to hundreds of people. They are not aloud to buy a handgun just because where they live. There are three key reasons why we need guns. They will give us protection, Even with laws people will get guns. And lastly they can stop crimes from happening. But now let's talk about them in greater detail.
First of all getting guns give us protection. Getting rid of them will just make us more vonerable. And more likely to getting robbed. Study's have shown that in 1976 guns were banned or not allowed to be carried around. Not even for self defense. And in result crimes shot up. Then in 1987 gun were were no longer banned. And of course the crimes went down.(Patricia,2010) Plus if you think guns kill a lot of people. Only 10 people die from a gun in every 100,000 people. That is a 1 in 10,000 chance of you dying. You are more likely to die from falling to death. But now let's talk about the next key reason.
Secondly even with gun laws criminals will find a way to get guns. There are many different ways of getting them. They could get them off the black market. Off of the internet. Or they could even make one. Gun laws are just disarming innocent civilians. And even with no guns and they got criminal to loss all of there guns then they would just use other things or different types of weapons. But I think that the next key reason is more important.
Lastly they can stop crimes from happening. Or it could stop them from going on longer than they should. And of a result from that less people could be hurt or robbed. And anyways the second admedment every made said that we had the right to bear arms. That does not mean your arms are not covered. Instead that we have the right to have guns. Also we don't just protect ourselves but other people too. It could be cops or it could be just other people that could protect us if something happens. But there are some down sides to this. That is what this next passage is about.
But guns kill people, and without gun laws people will be more safe. And less shootings will happen more often. Or gangs could be more deadly or lealthly. Plus why would you need a assault rifle or any thing like that. You can't hunt with them. You. can only shoot targets. Guns just cause a lot of trouble.
All in all getting rid of guns won't help us. But more likely to hurt us. People will always find a way to get guns. And crimes will just go up. And guns protect us. They are just disarming innocent civilians. And you can do something about this. Speak out into your community and tell people we need out guns. This is a important thing that is going on in our generation.


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