NOVEMBER 17, 2014


The cold weather is here! Coats, hats, and gloves are important during this time of year. I am asking that you please write your child's name on each coat, hat, gloves, etc. Our lost and found is located in the cafeteria, and it can be overwhelming the amount of lost items that go unclaimed each year.


We do our best to check for head lice throughout the year, but now is a very critical time. Students will often share coats, hats, scarfs, etc., which promotes spreading. Faculty members tell them to not pile coats up in the cafeteria, playground, classroom, or anywhere. They are just children and forget easily, so I would appreciate your help in talking to your child about head lice and how easy it is to spread person to person. Also, please be diligent in checking your child's hair periodically.

When a student is sent home with head lice, we expect them back in class as soon as possible. Parents need bring a note from the Health Department that says they are cleared to return to school.