Modern Dance

Miller/Cron, PE AAII Spring 2 2015

Brief Synopsis of Modern Dance

Modern Dance is a broad genre of western concert dance, primarily arising out of both Germany and the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was in this atmosphere that a 'new dance' was emerging as much from a rejection of social structures as from a dissatisfaction with ballet. As will become clear below, modern dance has evolved with each subsequent generation of participating artists. Artistic content has morphed and shifted from one choreographer to another, and so too have styles and techniques

When it was started. Where it evolved.

Modern dance was started in the 1920s. It evolved in America.

Leaders and Famous Dancers or Choregraphers:

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Modern Dance (What Does it Sound Like By: Bethel Music)

Performed By: Hannah, Carson, Kelynn, Isabella & Raylee

A Description of our Dance

Our dance was more on the graceful side of dance. In our dance we used a lot of different elements. We used a circle formation at the end of the dance. We also had a good use of space. We used different levels. We used leaps which is the high level, we had our feet on the floor which is the medium level and we were on the ground which is the low level. We also in a way used a cannon where one part of us did leaps then the other part of our group did spins. We also has entrances where at the beginning we each and a solo and enters and exited the stage and at the end Kelynn had a graceful exit off the stage after we all fell on the floor.