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Creating Mail Rules for Messages - 4/12/13

How many of you get messages that are part of a subscription? You get them pretty frequently? Yeah, me too! Usually I don't have time to read them right away. So I don't read them and then when I do have the time, I can't find them!

In an effort to stay more organized with my new mail, I learned a great new trick that I think is going to help with this.

Mail Rules allows you to take messages you get from a specific sender and automatically organize it into a folder for later viewing. No more cluttering the Inbox! All the messages that are part of that subscription are together and I read them when I have time and not waste time searching for them later.

Start by finding an email or a message from a sender you want to create a mail rule for.
Right Click (Control Click on a Mac) on the message you want to create a mail rule for and select Create Rule from the drop down menu.
Select how you want to set up your Rule. There are lots of ways you can set them up. Choose how you want Outlook to apply this rule (by sender, by words in subject, etc) and what you want it to do with that message (move it to a folder, delete it, redirect it to another person, etc.) For subscription emails, see example below for a daily email I receive from Shannon Long on Free Apps for the iPad
At first you may worry that this rule isn't working, because nothing happens immediately. But if you are patient, as these subscription emails start coming in you will start to see numbers popping up next to your Inbox Folders. So make sure you when you login that you click the small arrow to the left of your Inbox to expand it.
I can't wait to organize my different subscriptions into folders so they don't clutter my Inbox anymore!

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