Welcomes you

Your Library

Welcome everyone to our school library. You will find amazing books of all genres here, there's room to read and room to do any work that you may need to do on assignments. We are open from 8.30am - 5pm, Monday - Friday. So you can come in for library or computer use after school. Our Library staff, Mrs Hopkins, Mrs Wallis (Mary) are here to help with any needs or concerns.
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What the Library Offers

We offer 9 computers that can be booked via Kamar for class projects and book exchanges. The computers are available during intervals and lunchtimes for school work and to play educational games. We pride ourselves that the library is also a 'safe-place' for those who need a neutral place to come. You can lesuirely read magazines, non-fiction and fiction books, graphic novels, the local Taranaki Daily News newspaper.

If you require any help, just ask the Library staff who are only too willing and happy to assist. There is also a Viewing Room available via booking that contains a 14 inch colour television and dvd/video player for viewing films for film reviews; a stereo capable of cd/tape cassette use for audio reviews. There are also three computers in the viewing room available for Year 13 Studyline students. A 20 inch colour television in the main library area is also available for use for class viewing of visual items. We have a collection of DVD's ranging from G-Rated to R16-Rated movies both fiction-based and non-fictioned based - 1 per student, these are available over night unless issued on a Friday, then you can have them over the weekend!

The library staff are more than welcoming to receive any suggestions for books and magazines to purchase for the library collection, afterall, this is your Library!