Dust Storm

The dust is here.

Farm life

American farmers had been overplanting and poorly managing their land for years. So when drought conditions occurred between 1930 and 1936 in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and New Mexico, the soil simply dried up and blew away. Poor farming practices included not only overplanting of crops, but overgrazing livestock. Additionally, farmers routinely plowed under natural grasses and replaced them with crops that were not drought resistant thereby providing nothing to hold the topsoil in place. Today farm life is more sucsefull at growing crops and raising livestalk because the is less dust and more water.

How things are diffrent from now to the Dust Bowl times

In the dust bowl the dinosaur bones were found very easily because the dust blown away

uncovered lots of bones. Today we have to work alot harder to find dinosaour bones by digging and uncovering rocks.

Dinosaur Bones


Animals were found dead everywhere, with two inches of dirt coating their lungs.

Most cattle died of lung diseases, as did people.

In a land where 12% of the U.S. animal population resides, most became extinct in that region.

The Dust Bowl Years