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Tomorrow is...

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Wear your blue, silver (and green so you won't get pinched) to show your CNU spirit!

Use the hashtag #CNUDay16 on social media to share with others how you're lucky to be a Captain.


Participating in Relay is AWESOME and PLP encourages all students to support this effort to raise money in the fight against cancer.

However - please note that participating in Relay does NOT COUNT FOR SERVICE HOURS! Students can count up to five hours if (and only if) they are assisting Colleges Against Cancer with set up, registration, manning the food table, and helping with the different games and activities.

Next Monday!

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Do you know how to articulate your PLP experience on a resume or in an interview? Can you make the leadership connections between what you are doing now and your future goals? Come chat with PLP staff at this discussion-based workshop to see the best methods for answering those questions. The workshop will be on Monday, March 21st at 4pm in DSU Jefferson. If you have any questions email
*Also an approved Passport Destination*
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In addition to completing your hours by this date, you also need to have logged them on CNUEngage (

Feeling behind? Here are some awesome upcoming opportunities:

  • March 18th: Two events - Relay for Life (see the note above!) and Greenwood Elementary's Dr. Seuss Carnival. For Greenwood's Carnival, they need volunteers to set up, run games, and break down their event. The information to contact the PTA to help is on the spreadsheet via the link below.
  • March 23rd: 2016 Youth Career Expo from 8am-3pm at the Hampton Roads Community Center. This is a great event to provide youth ages 16-19 with an opportunity to chat with vendors from public, private and governmental sectors to gain exposures to the types of jobs available in the Greater Peninsula area. Volunteers are needed to serve as guides!

Check out the Engagement Opportunities document for more information about these events. If you know of another qualifying event you'd like advertised, fill out a Service Submission Form at least two weeks before the day of the event!

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Passports happening in the next week!

  • Iconoclasm, Pillage, and Plunder
  • A Delicate Balance
  • PLP and the Real World
  • Dr. Donald Lee: Talk on Human Rights (Click HERE to view the flyer!)
  • Slice of Business Life- Dominion
  • CCP: Internships 101
  • On the Bride's Side
  • Intercultural Festival
  • PLP Coffeehouse: Kayla Clark (7:30pm)

If you're helping plan a campus event that you think would help CNU students connect with leadership concepts in new and exciting ways, then please fill out the passport destination request form.

For a spreadsheet version of current passports, click HERE.

Click Here for the PLP Passport Calendar

To view a full calendar of approved Passport Destinations, click the button above. Then you can copy events you'd like to attend to your calendar.

Film Screening!

Bring a friend or your favorite pillow pet and join PLP and faculty members as we tackle the issue of masculinity in America.

*Also an approved Passport Destination
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Applications open Monday - 3/21!

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Make sure you are on track to complete the program and be on the lookout for more information about Senior Celebration. If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach out to a Staff member ASAP!
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By now you should have already had a Junior Success Meeting with your PLP Staff Guide. If not then get to it! Contact your Staff Guide to set up a time that works with your schedule.

Be mindful of Portfolio submission deadlines! For a refresher of the conversation about your "why" check out Simon Sineck's Ted Talk.


It's time for your Sophomore Success Meetings, get pumped. Check your email to find a link to your Staff Guide's calendar in order to sign up for a 1:1


Y'all are still great, keep continuing doin' you.

Even though you don't have a Success Meeting meeting with your Staff Guide this semester remember that the PLP office operates by an open door policy. You are always welcome to stop by if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat. We are here for you!

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