Fresh Water Marshes

Michael Hernandez and Isabel Velez-Burke

Have You Heard Of The Everglades?

Have you ever heard of Everglades? Well if you have then you also know of Freshwater Marshes. How you might ask? Well, that's because the Everglades IS A Freshwater Marsh. The physical features of this biome are Low, flat, and poorly drained. It is an aquatic ecosystem and it is home to silt, sand, and clay.


Non-living things!
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Biotic Factors

Living Things!
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Human Impacts

Human impacts affect many ecosystems, whether good or bad. Fortunately for now, I will be naming the good impacts, though they aren't many. One is that we can clean it up if it gets unhealthily dirty, and we can help repopulate animals. Now, we sadly have to cover the bad things that we do in an ecosystem. One, is that we block migration paths for the fishes. Another thing that we do is introducing more animals or plants. This harms the ecosystem because the native animals have to compete for their normal foods, so this increases the chance of animals becoming endangered/extinct.
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