Typhoid Fever

is a disease

The Bacteria

The bacteria that causes typhoid is called Salmonella Typhi.

The Disease

Other names for the disease are Typhoid, Typhus, and Typhoid Fever.


The symptoms are fever, diarrhea, enlarged liver or spleen, bleeding, headaches, coughing, abdominal pain,rashes, and dehydration.


The disease is transferred by poor hygiene and poor public sanitation. Or by not washing your hands after using the bathroom.

It originated in...

The first documented case of Typhoid was in Athens, Greece. It then spread all over the world.


Typhoid can by treated by antibiotics and in extreme cases surgery.

Affects on the community

Typhoid made a lot of people sick and killed people all over the world. Scientists have been developing antibiotics to fight against Typhoid.

Made By: Katie Gibson