Preventing Accidents in the Kitchen

By: Valerie Clever

Accident Causes in the Kitchen

1. Not paying attention to what you're doing. (Distracted)

2. Wet and slippery floors. (Causes falls)

3. Not knowing the proper way to use knives and other utensils.

4. Unattended burners. (Causes fires)

5. Hot grease. (Causes burns as well as fires)

6. Not using pot holders or oven gloves. (Causes burns and spills)

Accident Prevention in the Kitchen

1. Arrange your kitchen so that everything you need at a particular moment is at arm reach when needed.

2. Establish kitchen rules for your children.

3. Be proactive about keeping your kitchen clean and uncluttered.

4. Keep counters clear of clutter.

5. Turn pot and pan handles in when cooking on the stove.

6. Refrain from passing hot pans or pots with boiling water or food over other people.

7. Never cook with a young child in your arms or in a baby sling.

8. Make a habit of looking around you before opening the oven.

9. When heating with the microwave, be aware of hot spots.

10. Have a fire extinguisher readily available in case of a fire.