Mrs. Solis' 3rd Grade Class

February 22 - 26, 2016

What we are learning next week:

Reading: Students will continue to use text to dig through nonfiction text. Students will also be using text evidence to target key information in difficult texts.

Writing: Students finalize the write-up pertaining to their research of their country. We also begin planning a personal narrative. Each student will contribute this story to a class published book with an illustration.

Math: Students will learn the strategies for the final multiplication facts including x3, x6 and x7. We will continue with multiplication and division problem solving. We will also be learning about determining even and odd using divisibility rules.

Science:Students will be exploring characteristics of inherited traits such as number of limbs, and recognize learned behaviors.

Social Studies: We will learn about heroes in our culture which include artists, first responders, and public figures.


Math homework is on Google Classroom

Homework this week:
1. Read 20 minutes per day
2. Do one math problem from the document attached to homework
3. Do one choice from the spelling menu. Do spelling work in WTW notebook.
Turn EVERYTHING in on Friday morning.

STAAR Ready Dates

Monday February 22 and Monday February 29

Please make sure your child is at school on these dates and do not schedule doctor appointments or vacations on these days. We will be taking a “mock” STAAR test these days. This will help the students know what to expect on the real test days. Additionally, we will use this information to modify our instruction in the months of March and April in preparation for the STAAR test. Also, please do not print STAAR release tests and give them to your child. We will be using those tests and if your child has already taken them or studied them, then it will skew our data and the help that we are able to provide to all students. This test will not be counted as a grade.

Wish List

Prizes for the treasure box

Books for classroom library (send in books your child has read & is finished with)

Amazon Gift Cards for supplies and books

Donations to Donors Choose Projects (


Library: Every Tuesday

We have P.E. on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please make sure your child has tennis shoes. PE will be having "pop quizzes" and will be giving grades for tennis shoes.

Please initial your child’s planner every night.

Upcoming dates:

Feb. 22/29 - STAAR Ready - see note above, be sure your child is at school

Feb. 25 - Mar. 1 Book Fair in the library

March 7 - Author Visit

March 14 - 18 - Spring Break

March 25 - Spring Holiday