7th and 8th Grade Newsletter

March 23rd - April 3rd

Upcoming School Events and News

April 2nd - End of 3rd quarter

April 3rd - No school - Spring Break begins!

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Classroom News

Language Arts - Ms. Gee

7th grade students will begin "Shakespearean Talk Show" presentations. They will continue working on the culminating project in which students will either plan the wedding or create a comic strip. Next week's focus will be on an introduction to Socratic Seminar.

8th grade students will complete papers entitled: Eulogy: Saying Farewell to Juliet. They will also continue working in the Director's Notebooks in preparation for scene dramatizations. Next week students will participate in a socratic seminar entitled "Shakespeare is a Feminist".

Ms. Hinkelman will work with both classes to help with blocking and stage direction for scene dramatizations.

Math - Mr. Chavel

Math II students are studying Area and Volume (Unit 9). Students will be quizzed on 11.1-11.3 on Friday. Monday, March 30th they will review the unit. The test for this unit will be Tuesday, March 31st. The last couple of days before spring break, students will begin review for the cumulative Geometry assessment. This assessment will be given after Spring Break.

Algebra II students are studying Conic Sections (Unit 9) and will finish this unit on Thursday. Friday, March 27th the students will be quizzed over 9.1-9.4 and will begin a project on conic sections which will be due by email April 3rd.

Math - Ms. Pieper

Math II student will review area and volume and prepare for the geometry cumulative exam scheduled for Friday 3/27. Please see my website for links to practice problems to prepare for the exam. The students also have links on the website to the student lessons created for Unit 8. The videos and slide shows were well done!

Foundations of Algebra students are studying geometry topics. There will be a quiz on Thursday, 3/26, on parallel lines cut by a transversal, angles of a polygon and area of polygons. Next week students will apply these concepts to the coordinate plane.

Social Studies - Mr. Havner

7th grade students are studying the southern economy and slavery. The Turn of the 19th Century Inventions Project is due Wednesday 2/25. Current event due on 2/27.

8th grade students are studying WWI, the jazz age, the Sacco-Vanzetti case and the Scopes trial. Current event due on 2/27.

Science - Mr. Golba

7th grade Rube Goldberg projects due on Monday 3/23. The project write up is due on 3/25. The next project will be roller coaster design.

8th grade students are studying natural selection. They will have a quiz on 3/31. Also current events are due on 3/26.