Mission Bend Elementary

Technology Tidbits

Smart Notebook 11.3

With SMART Notebook software you can capture all your notes, screenshots, images and videos to a single file that can be opened in both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Discover free, ready-to-use educational resources on the SMART Exchange website. This vibrant online community makes it easy for you to quickly find, evaluate, download and share a variety of classroom-relevant content.

SMART Notebook 11

SMART AIrliner

The SMART Airliner is a wireless slate that puts the interactive features of a SMART Board in the hands of students and teachers. Users can interact with computer applications, websites, and SMART Notebook content. With the airliner, teachers can move freely around the room and students can interact with content straight from their seat.

SMART AirLiner Wireless Slate


The iPad is a tablet computer that allows students to interact with apps, take photos, shoot video, and browse the web. The iPad has a multi-touch screen and virtual keyboard.

iPads in the Classroom


Edmodo - is a free, secure social network for classroom use and teacher professional development. Collaborate with this tool to share content and ideas, and to access announcements and grades. Edmodo can be accessed online or through a portable device. Increase communication by using this tool with your students or with other fellow teachers.

Edmodo at a glance

SMART Exchange

The SMART Exchange website is a popular community consisting of over a million passionate educators. It helps bring inspiration to the classroom with a wealth of standards-correlated digital lessons, assessments files, interactive widgets, copyright cleared content and add-ons for SMART Notebook assessments – all designed to help you extend the power of SMART Notebook software.

Find thousands of lesson activities on the SMART Exchange

SMART Response Clickers

SMART Response (formerly called Senteos) is an interactive system (nicknamed “clickers”) designed to enhance learning. They can be used for formal assessment, after setting up a class list. They can also be used informally, gathering answers in an anonymous mode. Questions can be displayed and answered from any display source; a SMART Board is not required to use the capabilities of the system.

SMART Response Clicker Tutorial