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All School Franklin Academy Update for April 13 - 17

We Miss You!

Great News!

Our beloved 2nd Grade Teacher, Mrs. L., shared, "Best news of the month! Received a call from from my mom's care center that she was recovering from Covid-19 and is symptom-free! 89 years old and she did it!" The family is thankful for the prayers, good wishes, and love sent their way.
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Intentional Learning Continues!

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5th Grade Spanish

Fifth Grade students just finished their Calendar Unit with Senora Lugo. The students illustrated a typical week of their lives by drawing an activity representative of each day of the week. They labeled these activities in Spanish.

This work was completed before March 16th, which was before this "stay at home" season. Basically, it is a reminiscing look at our 5th graders’ schedules from a month ago! Thankfully, with our teacher's support, our families are all adapting and finding new routines.

Quarantine Friendly Games - from 6th Grade Students

In 6th Grade Language Arts, Mrs. Jeffery and her students read an article titled “The Five Best Board Games to Play in Coronavirus Quarantine,” paying special attention to the author’s purpose and tone. Then, everyone created their own article titled, “Tired of Board Games? Try these Five (5) Quarantine-friendly Activities Instead” to give readers accessible advice like the original article.

Here are four student examples (in journal form):

As we enter into week five (5) of learning from home, here is a glimpse into how one of our lovely families has been embracing this new journey.

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Please welcome our delightful 2-4 Library Specialist Treasure Samuel.

You've likely viewed one of her recent picture book or chapter YouTube readings for the last few weeks. There was a reminder sent out to parents this week that there would be no late fees for any books checked out on the 16th of April.

What are your pets up to while you study?

Send us a picture of your dog, cat, fish, bird, snake, lizard or wild animal that is in your yard!

Please email Heather Black to Share Your Pictures for the Next Weekly Update!

Magic Anyone?!

Did you know this internationally known magician and storyteller was a previous student of ours? He graciously provided a special evening magic performance for our families, community, and alumni in 2016. He addressed our Core Commitment CREATE as the eighth speaker series (A Platform Where Ideas and Inspiration are Shared).

If you're looking for ideas for your family, students, grandkids, groups, etc., Sterling Dietz started, "Tuesday Tricks" to teach magic. You can subscribe and watch till the end to get his password for the next class

Welcome To Tuesday Tricks - Vol 1

Spring Newsletter is Available Online! Just Click the link below!

Do you own a business? How can we support you?

The Franklin Academy wants to help support businesses owned by the parents and grandparents of students here. If you own or work for a business that we can frequent or support, please email, Development Director, Heather Black at

Welcome to "Deep Thoughts with Chaplain Aaron!"

I hope you had a great weekend of rest and connection w/ those around you! Below is a 7 minute video reflection, reflecting on The Franklin Academy's Core Commitment to "Reflect." The Discussion Question for you to reflect upon and talk through is: "What are 2 things that are central to the way you see the world, and why are they important?" One of the actions related to reflecting is to Listen. And so, our weekly service challenge is to ask this week's discussion question to someone outside your family, and listen to their reply.

Also, this week I am opening up the Chapel Question Box. This was a practice Pastor Matt included in Chapel last year, and one I was hoping to start again this Spring. So, if you have a question about life, spirituality, society, the Bible, God, etc., email your question and we will dialog about it together.

Have a great week! I miss you all! Here's the link to the video:

Franklin Academy 41020

A Sample of Fun Learning Videos!

Our wonderful teachers are sending out classwork to their individual classes and many are sharing their talents over YouTube! Enjoy a story, work on a science experiment with Mrs. Ho, art with Mrs. Richcreek, math lessons from Mr. Hedahl, or hone your recorder skills with Mrs. Snyder!
"Egg Suspension Experiment" with Mr. Gooey
Mrs. Snyder (Librarian and Music Teacher) recording three chapel songs.
Preschool Teacher Mrs. Ho reads "Duck! Rabbit!" as part of STORY TIME for her class.
Markell Hall librarian Mrs. Samuel reading the picture book "Inside a Barn in the Country."
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