Technology rules for Parents

By:Harkamal Sandhu

Rule #1

The number one rule is not to allow other people look at your at your account or they might still information that is a important.And don't receive random phone calls at home and when your driving.

Rule #2

Don't click on random links first search it on Google and check if it's real you might get viruses.

Rule #3

Don't share your password with nobody even family members.Don't give it to your best friend if they gave it to you.

Rule #4

Don't post bad pictures on Facebook,twitter etc. People might go on your account and share it with there friend who would share it with there friends.

Rule #5

Put a piece of paper or a sticky tack.Because some people hack into your webcam and look at you.And what you are doing in your bathroom.

Rule #6

Don't share all your information like where your going and and your going to a party.Don't share because other people might rob your house. Because they knew you were going to somewhere on the weekend.

Rule #7

Don't click on pop up adds rats might come in your computer and hack all your information and private information.They could send bad pictures to family members and friends.

Rule #8

Never take bad pictures and delete them there are always there some people might hack in your phone.And blackmail you.So never take bad pictures on your phone.

Rule #9

You need to know never share nothing with your kids.They might press random things that could give away private information.Even if there are your kids.

Rule #10

Never believe cyber bullying because many people that cyber bully hurt other people feelings and makes them sad.So don't believe other people that cyber bully believe in yourself.

Rule #11

Don't go on websites that look kinda the same be safe.Like if a website looks like edmodo then be careful and check again.

Rule #12

Don't download free music games and other stuff.That is bad just pay for it do not download free stay safe.
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