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September 2018

Google Tips & Tricks Update

Create and Organize Topics in Classwork Page by Kasey Bell

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Google Slides Essay by Alice Keeler

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Choose Your Own Adventure Story

How to Make a Choose Your Own Adventure Book

Copy of Choose Your Own Adventure Template Outline

Google Home Story Speaker

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Alexa or Echo Select a Story

My stories - Make your own stories.
The skill allows you to create your own stories and ask alexa to read the stories for you. It also allows you to add sound effects and speech expressions to make it more interesting.

This gives great flexibility to choose right stories according to their taste and listen to them as they like.

The skill can be enabled by following the instructions mentioned below:
step 1 : Enable the skill on the alexa mobile.
step 2 : Link the skill with your amazon account.
step 3 : Go to website by clicking on the below link and register new account (NOTE: The email you provide while registering should be same as the alexa login account email ID)

NOTE: Please use chrome browser.
You can also download application / apk for Android Devices

step 4: Login back into the website and start Adding your stories
step 5: Invoke your story from alexa by saying
"alexa , ask my short stories to read <<your story title>>"

Watch youtube for instructions :
Search YouTube on Alexa kid Skill My short stories

Contact us for any help:

Amazon & Audible

Link your Amazon account to Audible to listen to books, news, and more!

Link an Existing Audible Account to Your Amazon Account

If you have an Audible account and want to use your Audible credits or coupons on Amazon, or manage your audiobooks from Manage Your Content and Devices, you can link your Amazon and Audible accounts.

Important: After you link your Amazon and Audible accounts, your old Audible username will no longer work.

To link your Amazon and Audible accounts:

  1. Go to www.audible.com/acc-merge and enter your Audible username and password.
  2. Enter your Amazon account email address and password.
  3. Select the card you wish to use as the Default Card for Audible purchases and membership charges or enter a new credit or debit card.

After confirming your purchase details and billing address, your Amazon and Audible accounts will be linked and any audiobooks you've purchased from Audible will appear in Manage Your Content and Devices on Amazon.

Tip: To learn about purchasing titles from Audible, Audible membership plans, how to manage your Audible membership, and how to use Audible credits, go to Audible Support.

About Audible Channels and Audible Channels for Prime

With Audible Channels, Audible and Amazon members can listen to 70 channel types, including magazines, newspapers, and more.

Audible Channels is available for all Audible and Amazon customers. Amazon Prime members and active Audible members have unlimited access to Audible Channels. Amazon customers who aren’t Audible Premium or Amazon Prime members have access to channels for 30 minutes per week when using a compatible Audible app for iOS, Android, or Windows 10.

Note: Audible Channels are only available through the Audible apps for Android, iOS, Windows 10, and 4th, 5th, and 6th generation Fire tablets.

For more information about Audible Channels, go to What is Audible Channels?

To learn more about Amazon Prime, go to About Amazon Prime.

Alexa Skills

Develop Alexa Skills