World Class PE

at Toot Hill

Issue 3: Literacy in PE

Welcome to the third issue of the fortnightly publication of top tips from the global staffroom. The third issue of 'World Class PE' will share ideas to develop literacy in PE.

As teachers of PE, we are adopting strategies that other classroom teachers use to improve standards of literacy in GCSE, A-Level and BTEC PE. However, we are in a unique position to develop literacy skills in core PE/games. We "inspire children to learn through sport" - to become healthier and to make informed choices.

Simon Scarborough (@Leading_in_PE) explains the importance of literacy in PE in his excellent post here.


Last year, David Fawcett (@davidfawcett27) and a number of other teachers on twitter began sharing ways to improve literacy in PE. Start here by reading David's post sharing strategies to develop literacy.

The Matthew Effect case you were questioning the importance of using PE to develop literacy in young people - READ THIS EXCELLENT POST from David Didau (@LearningSpy).


Edited by Ross Wickens (@MrWickensPE), Teacher of PE at Toot Hill