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By David,Travis,Ethan,Zane

The great depression

The Great Depression was a decade long economic crash of which severely crippled the US and European economy. This put millions of people at financial risk. At the highest point in this economic depression, around 16,800,000 people were unemployed and could hardly, if at all, support their families. For a while, money became an economic commodity and was much more sought-out than it is today. The Great Depression severely impacted the lives and future lives of the American and European countries and will be remembered for a very long time.After ten years the goverment let buesnises keep 82% of there profit.

How did it start

This started when the economic crashed and the U.S borowwed money putting them in more debt.

Heman Sweatt

Heman Marion Sweatt (December 11, 1912 – October 3, 1982) was an african American civil-rights activist who confronted jim crow laws. He is best known for the Sweatt v painters lawsuit, which challenged the “seperat but equal” doctrine and was one of the earliest of the events that led to the desegregation of American higher education.
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DFW Airport

The DFW airport was made in 1960 after the idea being abondend due to ww2.This airport is the 3rd buiesiest Airport in the world and the 4th biggist Airport in the U.S

How long has DFW airport ben around? A.The DFW airport has ben around for 56 years now.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus had been the first European to produce a lasting communication with the American lands and its people. This was important to Texas because over time, Texas was eventually colonized through the European nations. Was Christopher Columbus really the first European to reach America? No, there was one man who had gotten to America in the 11th century by the name Leif Ericson. Why did Christopher Columbus decide to travel to India? He was granted permission to go to India to produce Spice trading with Asia through a westward route.

Christophere columbus was the first europen but no the first to discover it.