VCR 10 Presentation

By: Leah Mell (oooh, aaah, yay vacab)

Fill in the blank

The Mayans claimed that the _____________ would happen in 2012 and that the world would be absorbed into the sun.
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1. A prophetic disclosure or revelation, especially concerning a universal cataclysm.

2. Any widespread destruction

3. (capitalized) The last book of the Bible, also known as Revelation, which contains prophesies about the ultimate destruction of the world.

Roots: APO <L. "away from"

Other forms: apoclyptic (adj.), apocalypist (n.)

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Related words


cataclysm, destruction, Revelation


happiness, love, infinity,
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Multiple Choice

Choose the sentence in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

(a) My brother's favorite book of the Bible is Apocalypse because he loves reading the crazy end of the world stories.

(b) The Maniacs, my favorite new punk band, play at weird themed venues with apocalyptics scrawled all over the walls.

(c) There are a few radical sects of people who believe that there will be a zombie apocalypse, where the dead will rise and the end of the world will hasten.

(d) Many apocalyptic movies have been made recently about various ways the earth could potentially be destroyed.