The Ceremony of Twelves

Areli M, December, The Community

The Ceremony of Twelve

It was the ceremony of twelves and Jonas was going to assigned to what job that is going to get. The ceremony of twelves is important for the kids because they want to know what they are going to get and have it for their rest of their lives. It was time for the kids that are going to assigned to their jobs and they were sitting there waiting for their assignment, they were called by number to get job. But when it was close to Jonas turned to go up the stage he was skipped and the Chief Elder was never wrong to skipped Jonas, but she moved on to the other numbers.

Qualities of a Receiver of Memories

Jonas was confused why he was skipped and why he didn't get his assignment, he thought to himself ”what have i done to be skipped, or did i do something wrong and the Chief Elder skipped me and she moved on to the other kids that are going to get their assignment and not me." Then all the kids were assigned and Jonas was stilled not picked to his assignment, all the people that was there were whispered that why did´t Jonas did not get assignment.

Then the Chief Elder said that she made a mistake and she wanted Jonas to be last because the Chief Elder is going to give Jonas's assignment, She said to Jonas ¨Jonas can you come up to the stage¨ Jonas went up to the stage and he got his assignment,his assignment was to be the ¨Receiver of Memory.¨ The Chief Elder said that Jonas was going to be the Receiver of Memory because they need to have intelligence, integrity, courage, and lastly wisdom.

After the Ceremony

It was the end of the Ceremony and the kids got their folder and so did Jonas, then he went home and he open his folder and there was nothing in his folder, Jonas was confused there was only one paper, but the kids had a stack of paper. Jonas started to read the paper, while he was reading he was really confused.

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