HD Video

Best Tip For Producing Your Show is to Hire A Professional Film Production Crew

Located in the Austin area, Matthew And Company provides creative programs for austin film production and post-production company ,HD and video productions. Post-production has to do with the making of audio recordings or films and movies photography and digital art videos and television programs.

Using 2 Media 100 suites On-line, postproduction, Media100 844/Xi, real-time uncompressed compositing 10-bit precision throughout 900 gigs storage creative graphic artists DVD and CD-ROM design, authoring, packaging and duplication.

Great references camera operator and videographer production company editing facility on-line plus aerial camera operator and postproduction company video director services in the Austin area. If you are looking for full service award-winning professional video production then we are the answer.

Matthew and Company is a professional film and video production, post production and multimedia company located in Austin, Texas that provides quality services including 16mm film and video HD, DV, Betacam SP camera packages. In the film industry pre-production is done once a project has been finished.