Second Grade Camp Chronicle

September 19 - September 30

Important dates:

9/19-Board of Education meeting 7pm

9/28- Early Release, Dismissal at 2pm

9/29-Cubs Corner

10/3-Board of Education meeting 7pm

10/7-Picture retakes and school spirit day

10/10-Columbus Day-No school

Fall Charleston Wrap Fundraiser

The Charleston Wrap fundraiser deadline has been extended to Friday, September 23rd. Please consider supporting our school!


In ELA, we are continuing to work on recounting stories. We are recounting stories by adding the characters, setting, beginning, middle, problem, ending, and central message. We have also been discussing the theme of stories. One story we read was Enemy Pie. The theme of that story was friendship.

In the coming weeks we will start discussing character traits. Students will identify the character's traits and give text evidence of how they know the character has that trait.


In math, we have been learning about doubles facts. Students loved to sing the doubles song! In the coming weeks, we will be learning about equations and solving different word problems. Students will be learning different strategies to solve the word problems effectively.

Thank you for your support of our new math curriculum!


Thank you to all the families who donated items to our classrooms. These items are very much appreciated. Thank you for your continued support!

Golden Paw Celebration!

On Friday, all three classes celebrated our second golden paws. It was a blast getting to have all three classes together to celebrate. We gathered in Mrs. Evenson's and Miss Mayer's classrooms. We celebrated by camping out with our favorite books and reading by flashlight. It was a blast!