The Diary Of Anne Frank

Anne Frank

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Anne Frank / Photo. Photograph. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 3 Dec 2015.

Anne's Life

Annelida Marie Frank was born June 12,1929 to Edieth and Otto Frank. They Frank house hold were Jews. They lived in Frankfort Germany. During World War II the Frank family along with the Vaandan family went into hiding for 2 years. The Frank's and Vaandan's where found when Anne was 15 years of age. Booth families where set to camps. They were all separated. Anne died in her last camp.

Family is Important

One theme in the Diary of Anne Frank is family is Important, is seen throughout. There is a lot of time while they are in Annex that they have to remember how important family is. In the beginning of the play Mr.Frank said "This is the common room where we will meet to talk, eat and read like a family" (376). Even though it is hard to be like a family when you are stuck together for a long period of time,it help them get to know one another. Anne said " By this time we know each other so well we can finish each other's stories" (434). These are some examples of family is important.

You can find happiness in the toughest times

Another theme in the Diary of Anne Frank is you can find happiness in the toughest times, is seen throughout. During there stay in the Annex they were very down because they were stuck there, but they always seemed to be able to bring up the mood. Mr.Frank said "Anne was happy in concentration camp"(434). It was very tough being stuck together but Meip could always bring up the mood. Meip would bring things like books and magazines. Mrs.Vaandan said " It's been ages since I last saw a cake!!"(412). These are some examples of you can find happiness even in the toughest times.

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The Diary

One symbol that goes with Anne would be a diary. I choose the diary because she would wright as much as she could in it. She was always writing her thoughts and feeling about everything in her life. She's was very open to writing and liked to talk about everything. She wanted to be a writer and this helped her. Even though she didn't get to see her book she was still a good writer. She could write her thoughts and feeling without being scared to. That's why I picked Anne and her diary.