Thomas Edison Resiliency

Jadarius Wilkerson

Thomas Edison's Resiliency

Thomas Edison's Hearing problem Was Apart Of His Resiliency

  • As a child Thomas Edison had been diagnosed with a hearing problem and this caused him not to do so well in school, so his mother took him out and taught him herself ( ).
  • "It is ironic that a person with hearing loss would have been so involved in the development of an entertainment mode that has largely been inaccessible to the deaf and hard of hearing for so many years" ( ).

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Frequently Asked Questions About Thomas Edison.

  1. How many patents did Edison earn? (1,093)
  2. Was Edison the first to make the light bulb? (Yes)
  3. When and where was Edison born? (Feb 11,1847) (Milan, Ohio)
  4. Was Edison deaf? (Yes)
  5. Did Edison go to college? . (Yes) (