Algebra Homework - Week of April 6

Homework Schedule


As you may know this is standardized testing week at Western Academy. That means that the first two periods of the school day will be devoted to taking the Stanford test. Therefore, Language Arts and Math are being used to conduct the test. To insure that the boys are still keeping up with the lessons and in the interest of practicality I have provided a schedule for the week. In lieu of in-class lectures I will be sending short video clips each day. What I am asking the boys to do is the practice problems for each set and problems 9 - 18 only. Below is the homework schedule.

Math Homework Schedule

This Past Weekend – Lesson 93 Products of Rational Expressions – Quotients of

Rational Expressions. The boys were assigned this last week. It is review of material that we have previously covered so they don't need a video lecture for this one.

Monday, April 7th – Lesson 94 Uniform Motion Problems of the Form

D1 + D2 = N

Tuesday – Lesson 95 - Graph of Non-Linear Functions – Recognizing

Shapes of Various Non-Linear Functions

Wednesday – Lesson 96 -Difference of Two Squares Theorem

Thursday – Lesson 97 - Angles and Triangles – Pythagorean Theorem –

Pythagorean Triples


We will review for Test 20 which is scheduled for next Monday. This day is also reserved as a make-up day for standardized testing in the event your son missed a day due to illness.

Due Next Monday – Lesson 98 - Distance Between Two Points – Slope Formula

Test is scheduled on Monday. It will cover through Lesson 80. This will be Test #20. A practice test will be distributed in class on Friday. I will also produce a mini lecture video as a review. I will try to finish this and distribute it by this Friday.

Best Regards,

Richard Gosselin

Math Instructor

Western Academy