Tears of a Tiger

By Sharon M. Draper

Summary of the plot

The book, Tears Of A Tiger, by Sharon Draper is about the protagonist Andy, and his internal conflicts with his guilt. Andy caused an accident involving 3 of his close friends, and ended up killing one of them. Andy never forgave himself for this incident, and struggles daily by himself. He visits a psychologist to have someone to speak to and share his thoughts of the situation. As he avoids and turn away from his families and friends to seek help, he becomes lost in thought about the tragic incident.

Relation to the character

Many normal teen lives can be related to Andy's life because Andy is going through conflicts like many teens today. Many teens struggle with various conflicts that are related or completely different than what Andy is going through. From reading this book, you can learn that many teens are struggling worldwide. From studying Andy, you can tell that he is someone who puts up an act to hide his real pain. Many teens and people also put up an act to fit their surroundings and hide away from themselves. Many teens struggle internally and didn't seek help like Andy did.


“He says, “Life is short, and then you die. And on top of that, life don’t really mean nothin’ anyway.” (Draper, 108)

“As you have shown, color is used all the time to create images in our mind. It’s society that implants positives or negatives onto certain ideas. You have the option to accept, reject, or change the stereotypes that currently exist.” (Draper, 86)

"Do tigers cry? --I drew a picture last week at school, and the teacher wanted to know why I put tears on my tiger." ( Draper, 124-5)

"I'm sorry for all I've done- so sorry,... so very, very sor-" (Draper, 165)

The Main Protagonist: Andy

Athlete, Wild, Young, Strong

His Internal Conflict is that he couldn't get over the guilt of the death that he caused. He wished it was him who died instead of Rob.

His External Conflict is the fact that he killed his friend Rob. They were best friends for such a long time so he was shocked with his death.