Farm Family Update

January 11, 2021

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Dear Farm Families,

Due to the uncertainty and impact of COVID-19 cases in our area, the decision has been made to continue with a virtual online learning environment for both students and staff this week, January 11th - 15th. However, Ferry Farm will be open for students who access the building for face-to-face learning with Plan C IEPs.

We are continuing to follow protocols at Ferry Farm to maintain a safe learning environment for our students and staff. To limit the potential of contact transmission in the school, I have asked our teachers to also work virtually. Because of at-home internet connectivity, some of our teachers will continue to work from the building to guarantee we provide a positive learning environment for all.

During virtual learning, we are noticing that we have several students who are not participating in virtual online learning. Even when learning is happening at homel, it remains our responsibility to monitor student attendance. Please keep in mind that Stafford County Policy 2406 outlines and establishes attendance guidelines for students. Our procedure of sending home attendance letters are not meant to be anything less than an honest effort to work directly with families to afford each child the best possible attendance.

Children learn best when the significant adults in their lives -- parents, teachers, and other family and community members -- work together to encourage and support them. Neither of us can do this on our own! It is extremely important during virtual learning that we have a strong partnership between the school and our families. We must work together to provide support for educating our students.

We need your help to make sure that your child is online with their teacher during virtual learning. We have had several parents contact us to explain that they know their child was online when they were scheduled to be. I would suggest, when possible, to monitor what they are doing while online. Some families have discovered that we have really tech-savvy kids who may be online, but they are not working with their teacher or completing school assignments. Unfortunately, they have been on sites that are not school-related. There are also occasions when we have a lag in wireless you may noticing lagging or dropped connectivity. If you are having issues with your Chromebook or network please let your teacher know. Together we can help our students to continue to grow academically!

We look forward to our working with each of you!

Dedicated to our Eagles even from a distance!

Stay Safe and Healthy

Mr. Freeman

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January 11th - 15th: Virtual Learning

What does this mean for our Eagles?

  • Mondays will remain asynchronous virtual learning where our students complete online activities.
  • On Tuesday and Wednesday, instead of Face to Face at school instruction, Team A will meet with their teacher virtually from home.
  • On Thursday and Friday, instead of Face to Face at school instruction, Team B will meet with their teacher virtually from home.
  • Both teams A and B will continue to receive virtual online learning in the afternoons with their teacher.
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Monday, Jan. 18, 2021

On January 18th, we have a day off from school to honor the memory of MLK. In 1989, President George H.W. Bush signed the Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Holiday Commission Extension Act, accompanied by Mrs. Coretta Scott King. In honoring Dr. King’s legacy each year on MLK Day, we have the unique opportunity to reflect on the gains we have made, and re-commit ourselves to the work that remains as we strive for a more just society.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived his life serving others. Following his example, millions of Americans serve others on Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. At our schools, at a local shelter, or lending a hand to help our neighbors – we bring to life his vision of neighbors working together to build a better future.

At Ferry Farm, we have always set a goal each year to have our students, as a classroom or grade level, complete at least one service project. Unfortunately, the pandemic has interfered with us executing this very important learning opportunity. On Monday, January 18th, please take a moment to discuss with your child the importance of service and volunteer to help in the community. Make it a day On, and not a day OFF! Who can you help?

Possibility of Retention

At this time of year, it is extremely important that we review student academic progress. I will share that substantial absences will impact your child's success. You should have heard from your child's teacher already if we are contemplating retention for the next school year. Per SCPS Policy 3605, the teacher should identify any student by the end of the first semester if they are considering retention, and I must notify our parents in writing by February 28th.

After the teachers and I discuss each student that we are suggesting for retention, I will send a letter home to families concerning the possibility of retention for their child. The good news is that, although they have been placed on the retention list, we are able to remove names later in the year if we see improvement. We are providing you the letter so that together we can provide the support to helps our students improve academically. Our goal will always be to promote students to the next grade level.

Currently, our staff is discussing a plan to provide our kids with the support they need, and the plan may include requesting your help at home. We do not want to retain any student unless we believe it is something they will need to be successful in the future.

SCPS Face Covering Policy

All students and staff shall wear face coverings at all times on school board property as developmentally appropriate unless exempted due to a medical condition. The Centers for Disease Control provides exemptions for young children under age 2, anyone who has trouble breathing, or anyone who is unconscious or incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.

When appropriate, face shields will be utilized by staff and/or students to meet student and staff needs. Employees who work in individual offices and areas may remove the face mask when they are alone.


Special Education: Contact Kara Colucci (Assistant Principal)

English as a Second Language: Contact Michelle Dodd (ESOL Lead Teacher)

Focus Program: Contact Paulah Lee (Focus Teacher)

Health Services: Contact Becky Diaz (Nurse)

School Guidance: Contact Elizabeth Jenkins (Kdg - 2nd grade)

School Guidance: Contact Molly Finch (3rd - 5th grade)

Computer Technician: Contact Sabrina McAlister (CTT)

Instructional Technology Resource Teacher: Contact Jennifer Wolfenbarger (ITRT)

Registration: Contact Julie Little (Registrar)

School Concerns: Contact Bob Freeman (Principal)

Ferry Farm Elementary School

Ferry Farm Elementary is a small family-friendly neighborhood school located in historic southern Stafford County, Virginia. Our staff believes wholeheartedly in our motto - “Where Eagles Learn to Soar.” Welcome to our “Farm Family!”