The Cycle of Family Life

How Families are Created


Different families are created in different ways. But for most of them, they go through 7 stages from moving out of their parents’ house to spending time with their grandchildren. This presentation will talk about the stages of family life.

Leaving Home

Adults who grew up with their family leave their home to get jobs and start their own lives. Sometimes, they might come back to visit their family, get food, or do their laundry.

Getting Married/Couples

Two people get married and may decide to live together. Most of the time, they are both working.

Sometimes, the married couple may not get along well, and they choose to break up at some point. This is called a “divorce.”

When Couples Have Children

The married couple decide to have kids of their own, whether they adopt or actually “have” a baby. Sometimes, one parent would want to stay home and take care of their kids, or they may just keep their jobs.

When a couple is divorced, or split up, the children may stay with one parent or try and spend time with both parents for some time. For example, a child may spend a week with his mother and another with his father.

Families with Teenagers

The children grow older and start to change the way they live. Their parents are also older and more experienced with having children. Teenagers are also getting ready for the adult world by making their own rules, which the family may not always get used to.

Families with Young Adults

The children are all grown up and finally become adults. They might move out to start their own families.

Middle-Aged Parents

As their children grow older, so do the parents. Once they get too old to work, they retire, or stop working so they can enjoy the rest of their life with new interests such as travelling.

Families in Later Life

The retired couple can now spend time with their children and their own families, and including grandchildren.