Conflict and Crisis

By: Nicholas m., Dagi m., lance s., alexander p.

How to resolve conflict and crisis

You should remain calm and not start a fight,you should also see the other persons point of view and see if it makes sense.Be respectful to the other person because if you don't the other person will hate you more and more and you'll end up making the conflict worse.Sit down with the person your having conflict with and talk and see what in have in common.If you are wrong in an argument admit you are wrong and say sorry to the other person.

What is the difference between conflict and crisis?

A conflict is a battle,or struggle between two or more opposing forces.It is a discord of action, or feeling. While a conflict is two or more forces a crisis can have only one force and it can be interpersonal.some crisis start from conflicts but not all, a crisis can happen at a sudden moment.

How can one adapt to a conflict?

One can adapt to a conflict by admitting they are wrong, but that doesn't work in every case. Another thing one could do is to agree to disagree. One could also forgive and forget. Depending on the severity of the conflict though, one may want to forgive, but not forget as to not repeat the situation In a later time.

How can one make life better after a conflict or crisis?

A person can make life better after a conflict or crisis by forgiving and forgetting, depending on the severity of the event , or just forgiving. Lots of people make the mistake of trying to hold on to the conflict but that just makes it worse over time. Even though it may seem hard to forgive and/or forget it's almost always the right choice to do.

How should on react to conflict or crisis

Most people when dealing with conflict or crisis think of all the bad things so they get a negative response. The way you should react to conflict or crisis is thinking of all the good things so that you will get a positive response. Basically if you think negatively you will get a negative response, but if you think positively you will get a positive response.