Anti-War movement


the reasons behind American opposition to the Vietnam War fell into several main categories: opposition to the draft; moral, legal, and pragmatic arguments against U.S. intervention; and reaction to the media portrayal of the devastation in Southeast Asia. The draft, as a system of conscription which threatened lower class registrants and middle class registrants alike, drove much of the protest after 1965. Opposition to the war arose during a time of unprecedented student activism which followed the free speech movement and the civil rights movement. Media Coverage also showed Americans horrible sights and gave them even more reasons to protest against the war. The civil rights movement came in as well, seeing as African Americans didn't want their families dying for a country that couldn't see them as equals.

Why i chose Anti-War movement

I chose this topic because i wanted to see why people would go against a war that was necessary for the betterment of our country, and what were the main groups going against war. i thought most of the people who would go against war would be hippies, but mothers, civil rights groups, students, and even veterans saw this war as pointless and didn't really fear the U.S falling into communism.