Tour The Space

An early look at our community coworking space

Get informed. Get involved.

A coworking space is only as good as its tenants. We want you to come and see what we're working with, and we want you to get excited. Get a chance to see the space as it stands today, and give us feedback about what's going to get your butts in seats.

Coworking Tour

Saturday, July 20th 2013 at 10am

1624 Westport Rd

Kansas City, MO

Across from Rudy's. Right down the street from the Fiberspace. The parking lot is technically owned by the Church, so park in the lot at your own risk,


10:00 - Arrive

10:05 - Walk the space. Hear the vision

10:30 - Q&A and feedback

Sent by Nate

I'm here to answer your questions, but I can do that on saturday too.