Study Skills

Notetaking, Effective study skills & test taking strategies

Note Taking Methods- Cornell method

Rule yourself a 2.5 inch margin leaving 2 inches at the bottom of the page, this 2.5 inch margin will be used to label key points and themes.Draw a two inch line going side to side at the bottom of the page this will be used for your summaries. The six inch box to the right will be used for your actual notes to be taken in. An advantage of this method is that it allows you to be organized with notes, a disadvantage is that you don´t have much room to actually take notes. This method is best used when hearing a lecture or instructions.

Test Taking Strategies

Have a positive attitude having a positive attitude goes a long way, have confidence that you're going to ace the test, Make a plan to study for the test, Get a good nights sleep, Make sure to eat a healthy breakfast, Before the test begins make sure you have everything you need to complete the test, Manage your time do the easy question first this can be a time saver and a confidence builder, If you get stuck don't panic reread the question and try to get a better understanding of what it is asking, When it comes to multiple choice questions use the process of elimination, Make sure your handwriting is legible, When you're done make sure to double check your answers

Effective Study Skills

Don't cram the night before the test, take breaks throughout studying, Don't study irrelevant things, Ask the teacher what is going to be on the test so you know what to study, Study when you're well rested and alert, Don't just skim the text you are study actually read it and make sure you understand it before you go taking a test on it, Extract important details, reread the text a second time, Don't study on an empty stomach, Study with a friend (have them ask you questions and you answer them)