By:Stephanie Perry Moore

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Recommendation & Summary

I recommend this book to both males and females because it teaches a lesson about high relationship and your true friends.

Charli is a junior in high school. She is the Varsity Cheerleader Captain for her school cheerleading team. Her Father was the state judge and her mother hosted charities events, so Charli pretty much lived a princess lifestyle. Charli has a boyfriend name Blake he is the school best QuarterBack in football. They been together since 9th grade, now its they junior year they been having some relationship issues and trying to work them out but they couldn't save their relationship. Charli was so hurt that they couldn't save her relationship, so she turned to her friends for comfort. All of them comfort her except for 1 all because she liked Blake, so she wasn't going to comfort Charli. This book teaches a lesson, I recommend everybody to read this book thanks.

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