Athens, Greece

Shinning Sun, Beautiful Islands, & Exciting Features!

Greece's Great Entertainment And Activities!

Take A Brake, Relax, And Enjoy There Actives And Entertainment. They Have Beautiful Islands To Go To. As Well As Museums And Galleries. If You Have Children Dont Worry They Can Go To The Fun-Fairs. If That Doesn't Sound Interesting They Also Have Rollar Scatting, Bowling, Go-Carting, And Many Others. Come And Go To All These Interesting Places.

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Hop Into The Learning Of Greek Culture, History, And Arts!

Go To Greece And Learn About There Culture, History, And Arts! Did You Know That Greece Is Made Of City States. And Some Things We Have Today Such As Pots, Jars, Etc. Were Crafted With Old Materials And Designs. Art Wise They Believe Its A Form Of Tribute And Worship, They Also Believed If You Do Well On Your Art Work You Have A Great Amount Of Spirit. You Must Go And Learn About These Awesome Facts.

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Greece Goodies!

You Might Assume That Greece Has The Same Foods As We Do Or Similar, But They Have Many Other Amazing Foods. Some Of There Most Popular Foods Are Lamb And Seafood. They Have Fresh Fruit And Delicious Pastries For Desert. They Drink Coffee Like We Do Although They Prefer It Strong And Dark. Also, Two Of Their Main Drinks Are Ouzo And A Wine Called Retsina. Go And Try These Outstanding Foods

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Greek Grammer

Greece Has Bunches Of Extreme Language Facts. Greek Is There Original Language. But English And French Are Very Well Understood. Many Greek Ethnic Minority Speak Turnish And Albanian. They Also Borrow Many Terms From Italian. Learn About There Language And Wonderful Facts About It.

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Greek Degrees

Greece Has Around And About The Same Climate As We Do. Summers Are Usually Hot And Dry. As For Winters Are Mild And Wet. And Northern Greece Is More Wet And Cold, As Southern Greece Is More Warmer. Don't You Worry To Much About The Weather Change :)

Greek Grounds!

Come And See The Very Interesting Landmarks And Historical Sights. The Acropolis Is The Center Of Ancient Greece. Mikrons Is One Of The Greek Islands You May Enjoy. And The Children, Can Go To One Of There Popular Parks Called "Luna-Parks". Or, You Can Go To Tholos, A Very Popular Historical Sight You Might Enjoy. There Are Lots Of Different Landmarks And Historical Sights You May Love!

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