Special Swordfish

By: Andrew Bartoli


The swordfish gets it’s name from its upper jaw also known as the sword. Also this fish stands out in the ocean than any other fish in the ocean. Swordfish have a diverse diet,habitat, and appearance.


The swordfishes Diet, habitat, and appearance makes this fish very special. Now you know all about these special swordfish.

Think Tank

I made a quizzle. If you take this quiz you will know more about swordfish.Hint look through the paragrphs for some answers. Also I made a word wall check it out
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In my diorama my animal is the swordfish. The numbers tell you what animal is which and the one in all caps is my topic the swordfish.

1 brain coral, 2 seaweed, 3 clam, 4 crab, 5*SWORDFISH, 6 jellyfish, 7 eel, 8 clownfish

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Go Fish!

In my tank for “go fish” my theme was a sunken ship theme. I have a sunken ship and sunken submarine and I have a few plants. The reason why I chose these decorations was because this is the theme of my fish tank at home and I like this theme. The fish I chose were 2 beta fish, 1 cherry barb and 1 dwarf govindia. My fish total about 10 inches in length and a 20 gallon tank is big enough to support my exotic fish. I spent a total of $166.01. I have 4 fish in my fish tank.

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